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Ecological credit in Poland in 2024 – evaluation criteria

by | 5 Apr, 2024 | Cash grants, EU Funds

The ecological credit in Poland is financing from EU Funds under the FENG 2021-27 programme, available to both SMEs and large enterprises (small and mid-cap).

The public support aimed at improving energy efficiency, particularly through reducing the energy intensity of production processes.

Applications for public financing can be submitted to the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) starting from April 25, 2024.

Don’t hesitate and check your chances of receiving a grant today! 1.32 billion PLN is available as financing under the ecological credit in Poland in 2024.

Basic information about the application process has been presented in a previous blog post.

Important information

  • The budget for application submissions under the ecological credit in Poland in 2024 is PLN 1.32 billion.

  • Both SMEs and large enterprises (small and mid-cap) are eligible to apply for public financing.

  • Meeting the project evaluation criteria determines the possibility of receiving public financing.

Ecological credit in Poland in 2024

Ecological credit in Poland – project evaluation criteria – general guidelines

In preparation for the possibility of accessing financing, it is crucial to verify upfront whether the entrepreneur and the investment project planned by them meet the required project evaluation criteria.

Only after a positive verification of the feasibility of meeting the criteria’s requirements, it makes sense to start working on preparing the application documentation. Below are selected criteria with preliminary discussions. The text below only indicates basic requirements. To thoroughly assess the chances of obtaining public funding, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the detailed requirements outlined in the application documentation and analyse additional explanations and tips from the competition held in 2023. In this regard, analysing the most frequently asked questions under the ecological credit in Poland, as discussed in another blog post, will be helpful. The description of individual criteria for evaluating ecological credit in Poland projects lists detailed premises that will be reviewed by experts. It should be assumed that each premise must be fulfilled by the entrepreneur – only then do we have positive chances of obtaining funding.

If there is a need for detailed verification of the possibility of meeting the criteria, please feel free to contact us.

Ecological credit in Poland – project evaluation criteria

The project meets the minimum energy savings threshold

Based on this criterion, it is required that the audit document indicates that the planned investment will result in primary energy savings of at least 30% concerning the area subject to the project scope.

The correctness of the audit document and the investment’s compliance with the operation requirements

The investment described in the ecological credit in Poland application and attachments must be related to improving energy efficiency. The audit document must contain all required information according to the application documentation. The audit document must also correspond to the scope of the investment described in the financing application.

Eligibility of expenses

Planned eligible project expenses must be related to the investment described in the audit document and are necessary for its implementation. Planned eligible expenses must also comply with the catalogue of eligible expenses specified in the application documentation. Information and data regarding eligible expenses must be consistent, reliable, and complete.

The project is properly prepared

Under this criterion, experts will verify whether the project schedule regarding obtaining necessary administrative documents is feasible. The financing application must identify and catalogue administrative documents needed to carry out the project, taking into account its specifics (e.g., permits or licenses). It is also essential to correctly identify the entities responsible for issuing the respective permits, concessions, etc.

The applicant must possess these documents or undertake to submit them within the deadlines specified in the financing agreement template.

If selected documents can only be obtained after the investment is carried out according to relevant legal regulations, the entrepreneur must commit to presenting them within the appropriate timeframe.

The project concerns initial investment in accordance with the European Commission’s regulation (if applicable)

Ecological Credit in Poland may include regional investment aid. In such cases, the entrepreneur must demonstrate that the planned investment constitutes an investment in tangible fixed assets or intangible assets related to a fundamental change in the overall production process of the product or products in the plant where the investment will be implemented.

The planned investment may qualify for horizontal aid under the ecological credit in Poland. In such cases, this criterion does not apply.

Project indicators are objectively verifiable and reflect the project’s objectives

The basic requirement is that project tasks and outcomes are reflected in the product and result indicators described in the financing application. Therefore, it will be verified whether the scope of planned tasks and expenses within the project is determined using product and result indicators. Additionally, product and result indicators must be appropriate for the requested public support.

The project indicators must also be consistent, measurable, accurately defined, objectively verifiable, and achievable.

Detailed verification will also cover the definitions of product and result indicators and the method of calculating their target values, including environmental indicators, which are essential for meeting the “Project complies with the principle of sustainable development” criterion.

The investment covered by the project is not related to excluded types of activities that preclude support

The investment object cannot be related to types of activities excluded from the possibility of receiving support under Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 2021/1058, and the regulation of the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy of November 15, 2022, concerning the granting of public aid and de minimis aid with the participation of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the “European Funds for a Modern Economy 2021-2027” program. The investment object cannot involve investments in the production, processing, transportation, distribution, storage, or combustion of fossil fuels.

The project complies with horizontal principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination

The project must meet the requirements arising from horizontal principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination, including accessibility for persons with disabilities and gender equality, according to Art. 9(2)-(3) of European Parliament and Council Regulation No 2021/1060.

The project is in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights

The project must comply with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union of October 26, 2012, concerning the implementation and scope of the project.

The project complies with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The applicant must justify in the financing application and how, within the scope of their capabilities and the scope of project implementation and impact, the project’s compliance with selected articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of December 13, 2006, will be ensured or neutrality towards the mentioned articles will be provided.

The applicant and project are not subject to exclusion

Regarding the entrepreneur, there is no criterion for transferring activities in case of regional investment aid under the ecological credit in Poland. It will be verified whether the entrepreneur should not be excluded from the call based on sanctions against entities and individuals directly or indirectly supporting the actions of war by the Russian Federation or being responsible for them, as specified in the Act of April 13, 2022, on special measures to counteract support for aggression against Ukraine and serving national security protection.

The entrepreneur may commence the project before submitting the financing application. However, preparing the audit document and incurring the cost of its preparation before submitting the financing application should not be considered as commencing the project.

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