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EU Funds

Cash grants from the public funds are attractive sources of financing for investments, R&D projects or other activities by companies, therefore the competition in individual calls for proposals is intense, so not every project will receive funding. It is crucial to properly prepare the project concept and application for funding in order to increase the chances of obtaining a grant. The calls for proposal for EU funds will be launched during 2022 within the framework period 2021-27. Therefore, it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse, so as not to miss the opportunity for a grant.

Applying my experience and knowledge, I can help you in the following areas, among others:

Analysis of a project in terms of meeting the evaluation criteria and proposing possible changes to the project's assumptions in order to increase the chances of receiving funding

Preparation of a comprehensive funding application with a business plan in line with requirements

Preparation of financial analysis for the application for funding

Assistance during the project evaluation process by public body experts

Preparation of payment requests and other reporting documents in the course of the project execution

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