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State aid

When you use public aid, you may have concerns or problems that require adequate solutions. Many of the rules are not reflected explicitly in the legislation and the European Commission, as the guardian of state aid in the European Union, applies a teleological interpretation which does not make it easier for businesses to follow the state aid rules. If you have any doubt about the public support, please contact me and I will try to help you.

Applying my experience and knowledge, I can help you in the following areas, among others:

Verification of compliance with the status of SME

Analysis of cumulation of public aid from several sources

Verification of the requirements related to the initial investment in favour of a new economic activity planned by large companies in dolnośląskie and wielkopolskie regions

Analysis if planned investment expenses can be classified as a new investment

Analysis about the transfer of the same or similar activity between EEA countries (relocation) which excludes the regional aid for the new investment if certain circumstances are met

Preparation of a complaint to the European Commission for unlawful or misused aid

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