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Tax exemption for a new investment –
Polish Investment Zone
and Special Economic Zones

Tax exemption for a new investment – Polish Investment Zone and Special Economic Zones- Explentation


Are you planning to incur investment expenses or hire new employees in order to expand your business or a production plant?

Check on what conditions you can get tax exemption for investment or employment growth.

Wherever you run your business, you can get tax exemption. You don’t need to change your location.

Tax exemption


The invested PLN 100 can bring you tax savings of up to PLN 70. Obtaining the right to tax exemption is only the first step, because the entrepreneur must also properly settle the tax relief, with which I can also help you.


Applying my experience and knowledge, I can help you in the following areas, among others:

Tax exemption application stage

Analysis of the planned investment in terms of meeting the requirements and project evaluation criteria

Advice on the possibility of applying for a tax exemption

Advice on the effective use of the tax exemption

Analysis of the fulfilment of the prerequisites related to the investment for a new activity and other requirements of a new investment

Comprehensive preparation of an application for a decision on support, a business plan and other required documents

Utilizing and settling tax exemption stage

Preparing a procedure for calculating tax-exempt income

Review of tax settlements related to running tax-exempt business activities on the basis of a special economic zone permit or a decision on support

Verification of the eligibility of investment expenditures, meeting the qualitative criteria and other requirements on the basis of legal regulations and the practice of SEZ representatives and tax authorities

Preparation of a tool for discounting eligible expenses

Preparation of applications for changing the conditions listed in a special economic zone permit or a decision on support

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