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Tax relief for robotization

When entrepreneurs can take advantage of Tax relief for robotization?

From January 1, 2022, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a tax relief for robotization, thanks to which they can achieve tax savings by additional deduction of 50% of robotization costs from the tax base. Entrepreneurs from the production and service sector can take advantage of this relief. The key is to incur costs related to robotization which can classified as eligible under the respective law regulations.

In what Years Tax relief for robotizationis available?

The tax relief for robotization is available in the years 2022-26 according to the current legal regulations, so it is not worth postponing the considered investments in robotization or automation of production processes.

The settlement of the robotization tax relief requires fulfilling additional conditions resulting from tax law and interpretations of tax authorities.

Check if you can take advantage of the robotization relief, on what terms and find out about other tax reliefs or subsidies you can benefit from.

Applying my experience and knowledge, I can help you in the following areas, among others:

Analysis of the entrepreneur's costs in terms of eligibility under the robotization relief

Advising on the effective use of this tax relief and opportunities to apply other tax reliefs or subsidy for the planned capital expenditures

Preparation of an application for an individual tax ruling in order to confirm the eligibility of capital expenses and conditions for utilizing the robotization tax relief

Preparing the internal rules for documenting and recording expenses and meeting other conditions in terms of using the tax relief

Preparation of the calculation and settlement procedure for robotization relief

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